30 May 2012

Yes. The pirate costume is mandatory...

The pirate thing started here
It was the very worst year of my life.
The. Very. Worst.
M and T held my hand and patted my head and generally helped talk me down from every nervous breakdown I almost had.

Probably that's why the whole pirate thing stuck with me so much.
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times, said Dickens. That pretty much describes the entire last year of my life. 
And now?
I'm turning 30.
And yeah, I'm pretty much freaking the fuck out!

I do not know why I have decided that we simply must dress up like pirates and drink all day long... but that is what I am going to do for my birthday.
I have already begun Googling pirate costumes.
Holly is all down to dress up and drink with me.
We have formed a loose plan.

Someday in July, we will dress as pirates and begin drinking rum in the early afternoon. In this town? There is a two block stretch with three bars. 

We are going to walk back and forth between all of the bars, dressed as pirates, and drink rum and cokes until we simply can't walk anymore.

At which point, we are going to lay down on the sidewalk and wait for Kensey to come take pictures of our drunken selves.
Holly says we will lay on the sidewalk and when we see the flash of Kensey's camera?
We will wonder if it is God or if it is Kensey.
Kensey will probably help us stand up.
But he will definitely take pictures of us first.
It's going to be awesome.
And painful in the morning.
And he will definitely tag the pictures on Facebook.
But I have this feeling it's going to be one of those nights I will think fondly of for years and years.
If you would like to join in our pirate adventure?
Come see us.
I will post a date as soon as I figure one out.


  1. Oh please tell me you'll be posting the pics here as well!

    1. Of course! Do you think I need disclaimers and stuff for that?