18 July 2012

Missing Girls

No funny right now.

These two little girls have been missing for six days now. I don't know if any one from Iowa reads this blog... but they could be anywhere by now, so I figured it couldn't hurt to post this.
More info is available at KCRG.com
Photo via KCRG.com

Investigators are continuing the search and ask anyone with any ideas on what could have happened to the girls to call the police at 319-232-6682.


  1. They are all over the news here. Truly a sad case. FBI dogs found traces of their scents near their bikes. The lake has dropped about 4 feet over the past few days, nothing found yet. The family suspects an abduction - that may well be. I can even begin to grasp the state the parents must be in.

  2. Things like this hurt my heart. And I believe the perps, when caught, should be executed on the spot.

  3. They have brought in a dive team from Los Angeles to check the deep holes in the lake. I don't think they are there. I think they were abducted. I'm seriously afraid they will not be found alive. If not I hope the perp/s resist arrest. Nothing like a 40 caliber sleeping pill for assholes that would hurt a child. I still pray they will be found alive. Thank you for spreading the word. Every little bit help.

  4. I agree. Due process is a pain in the ass sometimes.