16 January 2013

Firearms and Common Sense vs. Idiotic Gun Control Advocates

I do not debate gun control. It's pointless. It's comparable to debating abortion with a Catholic. You are not going to change anyone minds, and the fact that most people debating the issue have no fucking clue what they are talking about irritates me to the point of assault.

But...here goes.

First of all? Universal background checks? Fucking awesome. Let's do that. I mean, I can sell a gun to a guy right here in my home, write him a receipt and call it legal. I am not opposed to a law saying that I have to have the firearm transferred through an FFL dealer, who will run a NICS check. Super. Of course, if a felon wants to buy a gun from someone that doesn't give a shit about the law, I'm reasonably sure he could find such a person with little to no effort.
Common fucking sense.

Banning hi-cap mags?
Uh. We tried that remember? It didn't do a damn thing but raise the price of hi-cap mags exponentially, leaving most people feeling like jackasses for paying ridiculous prices for magazines after the ban expired and wasn't renewed...Because again, IT DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING in regards to lowering gun violence.
We'll stamp any new hi-cap mags with the words "law enforcement only" and simply ignore the thousands of hi-cap mags that are readily available right now. Surely someone hellbent on a mass shooting won't think to purchase a hi-cap mag that was manufactured before any ban. They probably won't think of carrying more than one firearm either.

Well, let's ban assault rifles then.
Define assault rifle? Military style weapons? 
Because the military doesn't carry handguns. 
They hardly ever utilize bolt action rifles.

While we're at it, we will require firearms registration... something a lot of states already do. 
Of course, if you don't want to register your firearm? 
Don't bother. 
Guns are traced forward. 
For example, if a firearm is used in a crime and it isn't registered to anyone, the factory is contacted and provided a serial number. The factory gives the distributor's information. The distributor gives the gun store's information and the gun store pulls the record of the original sale. That person is contacted and they say they sold the gun to Joe Blow, who later sold it to his cousin in Mississippi who pawned it in 1989 and so on and so on.
Does anyone really believe it would be possible to do that with EVERY SINGLE gun sold in the history of the US?
Good fucking luck. 

We will require mental health professionals to report anyone they think is a danger to themselves or others.
Which, they are already required to do.
Law enforcement will then be required to remove firearms from that person's possession. Provided that they, you know, registered the shit in the first place. And also provided that they have recognized the symptoms of a mental illness and sought help.
Well hell, that sounds like a foolproof plan.

Everyone wants to do something in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Instead of doing something, they are doing anything. 
Not to imply that the government has no clue what they are doing... but meeting with fucking video game programmers really doesn't help the "I know what I'm doing" image at all.


  1. Everything but the "universal background check." It's nonsense. As a private citizen, who I sell a gun to is precisely none of the government's business. This is nothing more than a backdoor registration scheme, since every gun eventually changes hands. It's already a felony to sell a gun to a felon, it's already a felony to claim you aren't a felon and buy a gun from a private citizen. Enforce the existing laws.