22 June 2013

Unpaid Leave from Bartending

It's been over a month since I wrote anything.
I post in spurts mostly.

It's been a busy month.
Not in any way productive, but busy.
I quit bartending. 
I've just lost my ability to be nice to people. Young people mostly. Ignorant, drunk, pretentious little assholes that frequent certain places.
I figured it was time to quit when I told a certain young man that he might want to consider coming back to a bar when his balls dropped.
The conversation went something like this...
"Hey, uh, can you make me a long island?" Says slightly drunken young man with ostentatious douchebag written all over his person.

I give him a are you sure you want to drink anymore look.

He leans across the bar and shouts over the music, "But hey, can you make it kinda strong?"
And then, just when I gave him the fuck off look that he must have misinterpreted as me cutting him off, he gestures at a pretty young girl who is quite obviously already hammered and says, "Don't worry. It's not for me."

And since it's been a stupid fucking night I say, "Yeah. I'm sure she's going to appreciate that shit in the morning... How about coming back when your balls drop kid."

Thinking back later than night, I realized that I was just done with bartending. I don't mind being an asshole most of the time, but it isn't so great when you're working for tips. 

I'll probably go back to it eventually, since my attention span for real jobs usually doesn't last over a year or so.
I don't have a whole lot of marketable skills. Just experience selling beer and guns, and really shitty people skills.


  1. Yep I'd say it's time for a time out, LOL...

  2. I loved this, you where so right to do this.

  3. I agree with the other two above. It's time to walk away for a while.

  4. funny, I'm thinking about bartending since my nursing job went away,