28 September 2013

Poll Results Offer No Insight As to Why Anyone Cares If Gays Marry

This article in the Times of Northwest Indiana details the results of a recent poll. The poll was taken because something about a vote or... I can't really say because I didn't read the whole thing. Presumably it was taken because someone thought we should care what people we don't know think about issues that don't affect them.
Apparently, according to this article the majority of Hoosiers polled supported legal gay marriage or civil unions.
I'd like to propose a study in place of the next gay marriage poll. There must be an expert out there that can tell us just why the Hell Americans give a shit about gay marriage.
I'm going to discount religious nuts for obvious reasons. And because they're religious nuts.
Surely some expert can explain why some Americans are so vehemently opposed to the concept. I mean, if you think being gay is gross, don't be gay.
You don't like gay people? So what? Allowing gays to marry isn't going to force you to start adding gay people to your Facebook friends list.
Don't want to explain gay marriage to your kids? Don't bother. They'll learn somehow. Gay people,married or not are always going to be part of society.
Preserving the sacred rite of marriage? Shit. Google divorce rates, or even the history of marriage. Sacred my ass.
Furthermore, I'd be anxious to see why, if people can be so passionately opposed to an issue that doesn't directly affect them, why gay marriage? Why not child abuse, or human trafficking, or baby killing.
Where is the outrage on issues like child molestation? Shouldn't people get worked up and demand something be done to stop that before demanding gay marriage be forbidden?
I'd be interested to see an expert opinion on whether people actually care as much as they think, or if they care because the media keeps publishing these stupid polls to tell them they should.
Barring a study,  I'd like to suggest taking and publishing polls about  public approval on issues that actually hurt people.
Innocent people. Children.
Perhaps if the media shoves that sort of issue in people's faces over and over and over,  the American public will find something that actually  matters to be so violently opposed to. 

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