11 September 2013

Well, I May Lose Friends Or Have My House Blown Up... But

I shouldn't have to say that this is satire, but I will, just in case. This is in no way directed toward the bikers or the Muslims. It's mainly directed towards a handful people that seem to have gone absolutely retarded.

I despise politics. 
I also despise ignorance.
I've been pissed off at my Facebook feed for a few days now.
People are angry.
How dare they, whoever the Hell "they" are, deny a permit for the 2 Million Bikers to D.C? 
Those anti-American bastards.
There are Muslims there for the love of God and America and apple pie and McDonalds and everything else we hold sacred to our way of life... Muslims.

These Muslims are obviously spitting in the face of Americans everywhere by organizing a Million Muslims against Fear and something about drones... I don't even know, but if you're interested, feel free to visit their website. I read through a bit, and it seemed quite obvious to me that as an affront to America these American Muslim Political Something-or-another people planned on marching into D.C. wearing Support Your Local Al Queda t-shirts and shit, carrying signs that say "kill whitey" or "something offensive about America here" while burning flags and singing... Whatever the Hell it is that Muslims sing.

Of course they were granted a permit to peacefully assemble. This obviously has something to do with Obama bending over backwards to accommodate his own Muslim brothers and sisters. One can only assume that since he is responsible for overseeing these permits on his own, he is also a member of the KKK and and also Westborough Baptist Church... because otherwise, how could these groups secure permits for any sort of gathering that would be considered offensive to other people?

And then... Those bastards, whoever they are, refused to grant a similar permit to the 2 million bikers. And by similar permit, what I mean is a no-stop permit. That's no-stop. Through traffic. On a weekday. In Washington fucking DC. 
There's no way "they" couldn't procure the necessary resources that would be needed to block traffic in a city of that size for a ride of that size if they really wanted to. I mean, shit. I don't know the population of DC, or how many commuters drive there on weekdays, or how many visitors one should expect on  a day like September 11th.. I could probably find out, but I'm mostly lazy. In any case, the mysterious "they" were obviously trying to shut the bikers down.

Based on the outrage, "they" obviously told the bikers they weren't allowed to gather in DC at all, right? 

This country, I tell you, going straight to Hell, issuing permits to people, even though they're Muslims. Just letting them assemble peacefully, offending people that are American citizens for fuck's sake. 
Straight to Hell.


  1. Unbelievable! I watched the news and didn't see anything on this...

  2. The bikers ignored the need for a permit and outnumbered the Muslims by the 100s of thousands.

    And the beat goes on ....


  3. The bikers should have rode to New York and milled around the alphabet network ivory towers. That would have forced their attention; especially when they couldn't get to work and their open-mouthed peanut gallery demanded answers for not being able to watch their soap operas.