25 November 2013

Healthcare. Shit. I Was Never Gonna Go Here...

A friend posted this link on Facebook, and for some reason I feel an overwhelming need to respond to Dear Liberal, Here’s Why I'm so Hostile. Which, by the way was a fantastic read, whether you're liberal or not. 

First of all, I can’t say I’m a liberal, or that anyone I know even fits into that actual label.

The author asks if I believe that healthcare is a basic human right. I do not, obviously, any more so than driving a car is a basic human right. Essentially no one really has a basic right to anything at all. However, this is mother-fucking America, and there is no reason that every American should not be entitled to quality, affordable healthcare.

I understand the outrage surrounding the fine that the federal government will impose if people choose not to provide health coverage for themselves. Everyone is all pissy because the government shouldn’t be allowed to force one to buy anything.  I get that, and I even agree.

However, the astronomical costs of healthcare in this country are inexcusable. As health insurance companies continue to make millions and millions in profit, the cost of health care continues to become even more ridiculous. Last year, 41 BILLION dollars in health care costs went unpaid. Not because America is full of lazy, debt dodgers, but because… Just how in the fuck are people supposed to actually pay those costs when they don’t have insurance?

Additionally, have you even been refused a certain test or had to go through multiple tests before a doctor is able to order the one you needed in the first place? You know, when the receptionist looks down at her notes and says, “Oh yeah, your insurance won’t cover an MRI unless we do a CAT scan first…” Health insurance companies do not help pay for health care: they own healthcare in America.

Can you imagine watching your loved one die at home when you know damn well that the one drug the insurance won’t cover could save them? Have you ever watched someone who was in agonizing pain for months because she wasn’t insured, and no doctor would touch her for a simple gallbladder surgery? Since the surgeon wouldn’t help her, they hospitalized her three or four times for a few days to give her antibiotics and pain management. I can’t help but be thoroughly baffled by the logic behind that. How many of us can say, honestly, that if we were uninsured and needed a procedure or surgery, we’d be able to write a check on the spot?

The ACA is about more than providing subsidized insurance to the people that the American taxpayers have been subsidizing anyway for years. It’s about regulating a disgustingly corrupted system to bring health care costs under control and ensure that in America, no one has to go without it. Once again, not because it's a god-given right, but because, aren't we supposed to be the greatest nation in the world? 

Do I agree with the government requiring people to buy insurance? Fuck no. In fact, I’m reasonably sure it’s going to be a disaster for a while. At least it’s something though. Quite obviously, health insurance companies are not going to regulate themselves. And at the risk of sounding dramatic, and perhaps liberal, they’ve created a kind of monopoly in the healthcare industry.

Why the fine for the uninsured? Generally, the uninsured are the problem. The fine just helps make up a fraction of the taxpayer money they cost each year. Is government regulation the right answer? Of course not, but what other answer is there?

On an entirely unrelated note: I carry a Glock and have a lifetime carry permit, so I’m pretty sure I can’t actually be a liberal. 


  1. Jesus, Krissy.

    What are you trying to do? Spike my blood pressure until my ears bleed?

    1. Ha! Absolutely not, although I have never seen one bleed out of the ears before...

  2. The way I look at it: If the government can force me to buy insurance, they can force me to buy anything they want, at whatever price they want and those selling the product have complete control over the amount, regardless of the need and they can only provided substandard products if that's all that's available.

    To make matters worse, if the government can mandate what product I am forced to buy, they can mandate how much of the product I can receive, regardless of my need.

    Otherwise, if the government decides I'm too expensive, they can remove my share and let nature take its course.

    I call that tyranny. It's no different than the arbitrary genocide of millions by starvation for the good of the former Soviet Union. To those that had a meal, it meant very little. To those forced into secluded areas and denied food, it was a horrible fate of agony, without any relief but death.

    To Stalin, it was necessary, like healthcare is to Obama. They're no different and the final result of Obama's actions will lead to the untimely death of someone you, your friends or your family loves.

    1. I'm not a fan of the government thing... but the situation you just described is exactly what the health insurance industry has been doing for years. Selective care, regardless of need, and decided certain people can't have access to care.

    2. Until government started stirring the pot, I could buy exactly what insurance I felt I needed. Not so for years. Plans have to follow guidelines and the risks of others were added to my costs.

      Until the government gets their fingers out of the insurance business, illegal aliens are refused care, people are turned away for stupid crap like ambulance rides for a pap smear, lawyers are banned from frivolous law suits and I'm not forced to pay for services I don't anticipate, healthcare will suck.

      Government isn't the solution; it's the problem.