10 December 2013

Hoookers and Blow Trivia

I love trivia night. I'd like to say it's because I enjoy the competition, or the challenge...or something else intelligent, but mostly it's because of the comradery, the shit-talking that occurs between teams and, of course, the liquor. And also because I occasionally get to experience the wonder that is Nate's father. Really, that dude is fucking awesome.

Anyway, now that "Trivia night" has replaced the traditional "shit-faced Mondays," we are able to over-indulge significantly in the name of intelligent competition. Sort of.

I'm blessed with a bunch of wicked fucking smart friends, so I don't really have to participate all that often. Unless the subject is psychology, sign language or "animal planet after 3am," I'm pretty much useless at trivia.

However, what I lack in trivia contribution, I am able to make up in debit card expense. Because some glorious trivia game maker decided that for every shot a person does, they receive a point... and at the end of the game, the team with the most shot points gets an extra ten points.

As you can imagine, this has given a whole new meaning to the term "shit-faced Mondays." In fact, before my weekly outing, my husband runs to the store, purchases cigarettes, Gatorade and Excedrin and he doesn't even laugh when I say I'll be home right after the game.

Last night, our team got 67 shot points. Yes, that's sixty-seven fucking shots. I'm pleased to say I didn't participate in most of them. Because, as much as I enjoy drinking games, I do not participate in games that involve Apple Pie shots. In case you haven't heard of Apple Pie, it is apple cider flavored awesomeness, spiked with Satan's urine, probably. The last time I tried to drink it, ahem, a full glass of it, I was drunk until late the next afternoon. No bullshit.

This is a pretty unfocused, rambling blog, but what I'm attempting to say is that if you currently lack a reason for your own shit-faced Mondays, you should maybe consider coming to ours. Because not only will we make you feel like a social drinker by comparison, but also because it's a Hell of a good time. We play at Brando's, in downtown Porter, IN starting at 8pm.

Dan(the trivia guy, who is awesome, by the way) has a Facebook page, StarBill Trivia that you can go "like" right now. I do not know why it is StarBill Trivia, as his name is neither Bill nor Star...but in any case, it's always a good time. In fact, the guy is so awesome that he created the round pictured below because any answer I don't know I answer with "hookers and blow" because my daddy said that hookers and blow were the answer to anything in life. I have yet to receive even a half a point for the answer... but I guess that's beside the point.

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