24 May 2012

Actual conversation with a jackoff #2 - Gun Shop

First of all, I don't want to sound like a snotty bitch. I realize that not everyone has a working knowledge of guns... But fuck. If everything you DO know is from a rap song, video game or movie? 
Please, please, just let your gun salesman know that you don't know dick.
Otherwise, we are tempted to pistol whip you, right there in the store.

He was a white guy, with a gold tooth in the front of his mouth.
Yeah, yeah, call me a judgmental asshole, but something told me that I probably shouldn't talk to the guy...

Jack off: "Hey, this is an AK, right? (Picks up a Smith and Wesson MP15)

Krissy: "Um. Nope."

Jackoff turns gun over in his hands multiple times, apparently unable to decipher the make and model stamping on the firearm, and also unable to flip the tag over to read it...

Jackoff: "So what it is it then?"

Krissy: "It's an AR, man. Smith and Wesson MP15."

Jackoff: "Ah. So it's a .40 then?"

Krissy: "Um. Nope. It's either a .223, 5.56 or a .22... What's the stamp say? Should be on the receiver or on the tag."

Jackoff: "Well isn't a Smith and Wesson a .40 though?"

Krissy: "Huh. I'm not sure, man. You know, I don't even actually work here." 
And I return to doing computer work and leave the guy to one of the younger kids at the counter, figuring after ten years or so I have already paid my working-with-retards dues.
This is a Smith and Wesson MP15

This is an AK47, I guess I can see where the guy confused. No clue about the 40 cal though.