28 May 2012

I HATE the media...

This one is not funny.
Not even a little bit funny.
Krissy is pissed.

I read the following article today... on Memorial Day of all days.

The title didn't piss me off. The subtitle that reads "Weak economy may play a role" in the print issue of today's Times instantly made me reconsider my viewpoint on headkicking. The author goes on to compare the percentage of veterans that are filing claims from OIF/OEF to the percentage of vets filing claims from the Vietnam War. She also says that "government officials and some veterans' advocates believe the weak economy is prompting some claims".
The implication that veterans are seeking compensation simply because they can't find a job is moronic at best and dangerous at worst.

 Obviously, there is higher rate of vets seeking benefits for their physical injuries because modern medicine has made it possible to save service members who would have been killed in previous wars.

Part of the article mentions that veterans are claiming an average of eight to nine ailments. 
Fucking obviously.
You know why?
Because we are sending these people on two, three or four fucking tours.

And now?
With all of that mentioned...
The reference to PTSD and TBI decidedly changed my viewpoint on headkicking.
TBI (traumatic brain injury) is brain damage. The article mentions the "350,000 report tinnitus, noise or ringing in the ears." The author fails to mention that tinnitus is hardly the most severe symptom of TBI. Other symptoms include memory loss, cognitive issues and personality changes.

PTSD obviously strikes a nerve with me.
It's a bit more serious than fucking nightmares.
This post will take up an entire month of my time if I start listing the symptoms and complications and personal feelings involving PTSD.
So, I will simply say that the condition itself tells the sufferer that nothing is wrong. It often leads to depression, which also tells the sufferer that they are just fine.
Guilt and shame play a huge part in PTSD.
Implying that a veteran is seeking help simply to get money from the government gives them one more reason to feel like shit about themselves and delay treatment - leading to serious fucking complications...like, you know, suicide. Homicide. Drug or alcohol abuse. Psychosis for fuck's sake.

I realize the media in general is mostly full of shit, but still, shouldn't they maybe think this through a little bit before publishing these things?

The author is the chief fucking medical writer.
You'd think maybe she'd realize what effect her article could have on veterans and their families.
Someone could have been on the verge of calling for help, read the article and thought, Oh, they'll just think I want money...
To hell with the stats and facts.
Maybe some consideration and, I don't know, respect for the men and women that fought for our country?
Of course maybe I am a wee bit oversensitive to the issue...

Rant is over for the day.
I think.

24 May 2012

Actual conversation with a jackoff #2 - Gun Shop

First of all, I don't want to sound like a snotty bitch. I realize that not everyone has a working knowledge of guns... But fuck. If everything you DO know is from a rap song, video game or movie? 
Please, please, just let your gun salesman know that you don't know dick.
Otherwise, we are tempted to pistol whip you, right there in the store.

He was a white guy, with a gold tooth in the front of his mouth.
Yeah, yeah, call me a judgmental asshole, but something told me that I probably shouldn't talk to the guy...

Jack off: "Hey, this is an AK, right? (Picks up a Smith and Wesson MP15)

Krissy: "Um. Nope."

Jackoff turns gun over in his hands multiple times, apparently unable to decipher the make and model stamping on the firearm, and also unable to flip the tag over to read it...

Jackoff: "So what it is it then?"

Krissy: "It's an AR, man. Smith and Wesson MP15."

Jackoff: "Ah. So it's a .40 then?"

Krissy: "Um. Nope. It's either a .223, 5.56 or a .22... What's the stamp say? Should be on the receiver or on the tag."

Jackoff: "Well isn't a Smith and Wesson a .40 though?"

Krissy: "Huh. I'm not sure, man. You know, I don't even actually work here." 
And I return to doing computer work and leave the guy to one of the younger kids at the counter, figuring after ten years or so I have already paid my working-with-retards dues.
This is a Smith and Wesson MP15

This is an AK47, I guess I can see where the guy confused. No clue about the 40 cal though.