05 April 2013

Ladies, really. It's Not That Fucking Hard

And back to the shallow end today...

I keep seeing these Facebook posts about relationships...And while I certainly realize that I am probably the last person on Earth to give any advice or even an opinion on relationships, I am going to anyway.

It's not that fucking difficult. Let's take a look at the shit you're putting out there:

For starters:

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I mean really, if you are single and a man says to you that he wants you to prove that you are not a whore like every other girl he's ever dated, you would run the fuck away, right?
If not, you're just an idiot.
If you start a relationship with the idea that someone is just like the last one, he's going to be automatically defensive and probably won't take too long to get fed up with your shit and walk away.
You dated an asshole. 
Who hasn't?
We've all been hurt and fucked over. You know what you do? You suck it the fuck up, realize you are better off and move on.
If you find yourself incapable of moving on? Get a therapist and work through it before you decide to date anyone again.
It's only fair.

And then there's this one:
Again with the I may not be a normal girl, but Jesus Christ, if this is true? Knock it the fuck off.
Is there some girl code that guys are supposed to decipher before they should be permitted to date someone?
How about, I love you meaning I love you? How about, if you're not okay, you fucking tell someone instead of waiting for him to read your damn mind?
If you say you are okay, he has every right to assume you are telling him the truth.
Once again, relationships don't have to be as fucking difficult as girls seem to make them.

And finally for today:

You had better be a perfect person, lady. I mean, really, who the fuck do you think you are?
You have no issues? No faults? Haven't made mistakes? Does that mean you don't deserve him either?
That's a healthy way to look at a relationship, mostly. You're human, and therefore  imperfect, and you don't deserve anyone to love you.
What kind of asshole thinks that way?
And these tend to be the same girls posting shit on Facebook about how they just want a "nice" guy and talking about how lonely they are.