20 December 2012

Anonymous, WBC and Faith in Humanity

We watched and read. 
A nation in stunned horror and grief as we learned that 26 six innocent people had been gunned down in a school.
We cried as the names of the 6 and 7 year old kids were released.
We hugged our kids tighter, worried about sending them to school.
We reviewed safety plans at schools, and tensed when we sent them to the bus stop.
We prayed.
We sent cards and teddy bears and wrung our hands, wishing there was something, anything, that could be done.
Some people debated gun control, the lack of God in schools, the failure of the US to arm our teachers and our absolute failures in protecting our children. 
But for all of the debating and arguing and reviewing of laws... nothing can ease the sorrow of those parents, or the horror of a nation.

Then we learned that the Westboro Baptist Church was planning on protesting.
They have a right to free speech. 
What they do not have, apparently is a shred of human fucking decency.
What can you do, though? They hide behind our Constitution, and the fact that they are a religious organization. As outraged as everyone was to learn they would be there, there simply wasn't anyway to stop them. 

The group Anonymous, apparently felt the same way. I applauded them when they released the personal information of some of the members of the church.
I laughed right out loud when someone hacked one of their Twitter accounts.
As the church websites were shut down and videos were posted by Anonymous, I gave them an "atta boy". When they released social security information and filed a death certificate for one of the members, I pretty much had a tear in my eye.

For the first time in my life I spent hours on Twitter watching the feeds and I was maybe actually crying. They posted the whereabouts of the church group, hotels and phone numbers and photos. Information flooded in and was quickly released, making it impossible for the church to keep their whereabouts secret. 
People kept the group posted, signed petitions, called the hotels and the company that hosts their website.
And as the plans to protest were finalized?
Bike clubs, 1% and otherwise, police, firefighters, citizens, and Anonymous followers, even the fucking KKK stood watch, ready and willing to help protect the families.
And the tiny spark of faith in people that started when the first Westboro website fell, swelled. 
The church left, their plans thwarted.
Anonymous continues their attacks. 
Westboro, it seems, is finished. 
They may not know it yet, but they're done. 
It may not have been entirely legal... but it needed to be done.
Anonymous, from a mother, a human being, and someone with a renewed faith in humanity...Thank you.

15 December 2012

That's All I Can Say

Babies. Just babies.

Charlotte, 6
 Daniel, 7
Olivia, 6
Josephine, 7
Ana, 6
Dylan, 6
 Madeleine, 6
 Catherine, 6 
Chase, 7
Jesse, 6
 James, 6
 Grace, 7 
 Emilie Parker, 6
 Jack, 6
 Noah, 6
 Caroline, 6
Jessica, 6
 Avielle, 6
 Benjamin, 6
 Allison, 6

 Lauren Russeau, 30
 Mary Sherlach, 56
 Victoria Soto, 27
Rachel Davino, 29 
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
 Dawn Hocksprung, 47

07 December 2012

Tampons, Homeless Penises and Journalizing Patrons

"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol  has taken out of me."
Winston Churchill

I collect random quotes from the bar I work in. I don't bother to put them in context, and more often than not I have no idea exactly what the conversations are about. 
So... In no particular order, and completely out of context once again, some of my favorite bar quotes.

"I was all wrapped up in blankets in my truck. I was pretty convinced I was a turtle for a good four hours."

"It's like watching porn in HD, you know when you can actually see the daddy issues." 

"It's true. I raped the firewood. In the most nonsexual way possible."

"Now I'm Playtex? What happened to calling me Clorox? What do you mean I'm a generic tampon?" 

"Justin Beiber has no place in our alcoholism."

"Her voice. Dude. No. My drinking makes me smarter than the sound of her voice."

"Because, apparently? You can't accidentally put it in the wrong hole twenty-five times in a row."

"And then my brother said he and his wife were going to try to have another baby and I was like, 'Dude? Why the fuck would you do that? Who does that on purpose?'"

"The fuck? Krissy. You only work two fucking days a week. Clean your damn car out."

"Well it's not that the food didn't agree with me. It's just all the liquor in my belly didn't agree with the food."

"Ah. Rumpleminz. I've ruined many a family holidays with Rumpleminz. And Yukon Jack."

"What the Hell is this Facebook? If they put my picture up on there I'm not gonna end up all naked, am I?"

"Shit. Call Bob. We're gonna need back up. There are Republicans in the bar."

"People always ask me that, what I think about the war...To tell you the truth, I'm no Captain America, all wrapped in the flag or some shit. I just had a job to do. So I just did my job, made sure I got home. Made sure the guys next to me got home."

"Well I got a free puppy and a reach around... So, I'm winning."

"Krissy, any day not in your head is a good day."

"Hell no, I'd rather jack off a bobcat."

"Can I get a Long Island? And, hey, can you make it kinda strong?"

Guy 1: "Dude. Shh. She's gonna put us in her blog."
Guy 2: "Huh? Are you a journalist?"
Me: "No, I am not a journalist."
Guy 1: "Oh yes you are. Please don't journalize us, okay?"

"I have a change of clothes in my car. In case I have to sleep on someone's floor. And a mop. In case I have to mop the floor before I sleep on it."

"We're gonna have one more drink...Then we are going to go eat bugs."

"Al Capone killed my relatives. The Valentine'd Day Massacre? Those were my relatives. Yeah. And... That's why I'm eating bugs right now."

"That's disgusting, look at that. Dog puts its whole face right in the water. Right in it. Doesn't even appreciate the ice. I bet he doesn't even know there's ice in there."

"That's not a dog. That's a fucking marcupial."

"No, Krissy. I am far too drunk to do the Monkey walk all the way home. I am also far too drunk to do the monkey walk to the car. What the Hell is the Monkey's walk anyway?"

"Fuck your mother. In the nicest way possible. See? I even said it with a smile and  everything."

"I didn't know a man could catch chlamydia from a woman."
To be fair here, the guy meant to say Candida.

"On the crazy broad scale from one to ten? I'm gonna put you somewhere between 4 and 6. I mean you're an awesome person, but you're definetly batshit crazy."

"What!? You inability to get laid has nothing to do with what party is in office."

"Dude. Think about it. If you're on a ship with a couple hundred dudes for months at a time. Eventually? You're fucking a sea cow."

"Oh God, please shut up. You are so going to make Krissy's blog."

"Damnit... It's man love Thursday!"

"But. Hey. My penis is homeless!"

"Dive bar tour 2012? See. That's what they do, man. Just go to bars and try to get themselves killed."

"I won't admit I know you two. But if you get killed, I'll testify at the trial."

And... that's it for today, but I have many, many more for next time.