30 January 2014

Idiocy In America... Again

There is a petition on We The People calling for the US to deport pop star Justin Bieber and revoke his green card. It has 188,000 fucking signatures. (As of 9:45am) A seperate petition simply calling for "DEPORT JUSTIN BIEBER!" has over 22,000 signatures.

Obviously, there are a few people that hate the guy.

There are 612 signatures on another petition that calls for the White House to disregard and remove the petition calling for the deportation of Justin Bieber. "Consider Not To Deport Justin Bieber" has 1,602 signatures. And, of course, there are 3,030 signatures on the "Stop Justin Bieber from being deported. He is a human being and he makes mistakes. He does not deserve this."

By my count that means there are 215,244 fucking morons in the US that not only have internet access, they have discovered that they can pretty much make a petition for any damned thing. If they get enough support, the White House will have to address the petition.

In contrast, the 79 petitions that are not about Justin Bieber, or the 548 people that signed the petition calling for a Jonas Brothers reunion(No, no I am not joking) have 2,366,339 signatures. These other petitions call for ridiculous things like awarding the Medal of Freedom to four dead firefighters, 32,619 signatures.

The two petitions calling for the labeling of food products that use GMOs? A combined 154,361. There are other ridiculous petitions regarding things like unemployment insurance, legalizing cannabis... something about sanctions against some fucked up country... And yet?

The only petition that has more signatures that the deport Bieber idiocy is one calling for the US to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

I don't know a damn thing about the Muslim Brotherhood, but one can only assume, from looking at the White House's We The People website, Americans hate the Muslim Brotherhood more than they hate Bieber... but just barely. In fact, there are only 12,080 more Muslim Brotherhood haters and that's assuming the Bieber people only signed one petition.

Obviously people feel very strongly about some fucked up Canadian kid. It's just a shame they can't seem to express the same passion about, you know, shit that matters.